On the Purpose of a Resume...

Everyone applying for a new position faces the question of how to present themselves by preparing a CV or resume. This article discusses the purpose of a resume and its key elements. We will also explore what not to include in a resume and how to prepare for interviews.

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What to Avoid in a Resume

There are elements you should omit from your resume either because they are irrelevant or because they do not enhance your presentation. Review your email address carefully—addresses like sweetbunny@gmail.com or batmanboy@hotmail.com may contradict the professional image you aim to convey.

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Before the Interview

Someone has said that success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently persevering in what we deem important. To succeed at a job interview, we need to do our "homework." Because failing to do our homework significantly lowers our chances of success.

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During the Interview

Sales techniques often focus on building rapport or relationships by mirroring behaviors. This is based on the principle that when there are similarities between two people, each perceives the other more positively. Simply put, this means observing how the interviewer behaves.

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Don'ts During Interview

The first few minutes of the interview are crucial in shaping the impression you make. During this time, the interviewer decides whether it is worthwhile to continue the interview or merely ask a few more formal questions before concluding. If you succeed in making a good first impression, stay focused!

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Behind the Interview Questions Part 1

'Why do you want to work with us?' It's obvious you're seeking a job with suitable pay, but responding with "For the payment" isn't appropriate. Consider your priorities before answering. They reveal to the interviewer what's important to you and whether you've researched the company beforehand.

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Behind the Interview Questions Part 2

‘Name three strong and three weak sides of your character’ Listing your strengths might be straightforward, but what about your weaknesses? ‘Tell me three things I do not know about you.’ Avoid lengthy explanations, overly personal details, or portraying yourself as a victim.

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Behind the Interview Questions Part 3

What is your definition of success? This may seem like a straightforward question, but it's actually quite nuanced. Your answer can reveal your primary motivations, whether they be a higher salary, challenges, skill development, or other personal goals.

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Behind the Interview Questions Part 4

'What would you do if you won 5 million?' This question probes your motivation—what money means to you and whether you would continue to work in a field you claim is important to you. Think carefully before saying you would buy a yacht...

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