On the Meaning of a Resume...

Everyone who is to apply for a new position faces the question of exactly how present themselves by preparing a CV or resume. What is the purpose of your resume? The first impression. To engage the one who decides according to your resume whether you will be invited to an interview.

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What to Avoid in a Resume

There are elements that you should not include in your resume either because they are not relevant, or because they will not help your present yourself well. Have a look again at your e-mail address, for example - sweetbunny@gmail.com or batmanboy@hotmail.com would sound contradictory to any professional image.

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Before the Interview

Someone has said that success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is a natural consequence of perseverance in what we have chosen as important. In order to succeed at an interview, we need to prepare our "homework". Otherwise, the chances of success at the interview would be much lower.

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During the Interview

Sales techniques often focus on building a rapport or relationship by mirroring behaviours. It is based on the principle that when there are similarities between two people, each of them perceives the other positively. Simply put, this means taking into account the way the interviewer behaves.

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Don'ts During Interview

The first few minutes of the interview are decisive for the impression you will make. They are important because then the interviewer decides whether it is worth interviewing you or will ask you a few more formal questions and finish. If you manage to make a good first impression, do not relax!

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Behind the Interview Questions Part 1

'Why do you want to work with us?' It is clear that you are looking for a job with a pay that suits you. ‘For the payment’ is not the right answer. Consider your priorities before answering. They will show the interviewer what things are important to you.

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Behind the Interview Questions Part 2

‘Name three strong and three weak sides of your character’ Strong ones you will name easily. What about the weak? ‘Tell me three things I do not know about you.’ Be careful not to go into lengthy explanations, or personal things, and do not present yourself as a "victim" to circumstances or people.

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Behind the Interview Questions Part 3

What is your defnition for success? Quite a worn out question. Many people are being mislead though, as they think it is an easy one. By your answer the interviewer would know whether you are motivated mostly by a higher salary, by challenges, by development of new skills, or by something else.

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Behind the Interview Questions Part 4

'What would you do if you win 8 million?' The question relates to your motivation – what money means to you and whether you would continue to work and develop in what you claim is important to you. Think twice before you attempt to say that you would finally get the Ferrari of your dreams.

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