Behind the Interview Questions Part 1

Why do you want to work for us?

It is clear that you are looking for a job with a pay that suits you. ‘For the payment’ is not the right answer to this question.

Consider your priorities before answering. They will show the interviewer what things are important to you and whether you have collected information about the company in advance.

It is important to show enthusiasm, an understanding of the contribution you feel you may have to the company, and the desire to work right there, not just anywhere.

If you could choose where to work, which company would you prefer?

The question may lead you to initiate a discussion and without noticing, you could mention famous companies. This would be a huge mistake.

It would be best to say that you have analysed various possible companies to apply at, however, the company you are currently interviewed for matches exactly what your goals and skills are.

Add that you would be happy to contribute to the success of the company and to develop in this particular industry.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

The question is hiding serious traps. Do not get into them by pouring out all the negativism you have gathered at your boss, colleagues, or the company environment that you want to escape from.

Any negative comment would strike you back - it will be interpreted as a negative attitude, such as an inability to deal with a situation or as a lack of interest in the work and the environment. And it will surely raise doubts, it may even be the end of the opportunity for you in this company.

There is no problem in highlighting your desire for growth and the pursuit of a more challenging position. Focus on the positive aspects that would enable you to develop.

Why were you dismissed?

Nobody likes to hear that. The question aims at checking how you behave in case of a failure and under pressure. The worst answer would be not to be able to control your bitterness and anger. It is not easy to overcome such disappointment, but you have to do it in order to move on.

Never, never, never talk negatively about a previous employer, manager or colleagues. Do not blame or take the role of a victim.

It is important to demonstrate a positive attitude and readiness to take on the next challenge in your career.

Tell me about yourself...

Do not be naive. Interviewers are not interested in you. They want to know if your experience and skills are relevant to the position. So this simple question may rocket you up in the rankings for the position or to completely fail you. It is important within a few minutes briefly to say what your best achievements are and why you are “their person". This is to be prepared in advance, best with rehearsals at home.

Your presentation will show the level of your confidence, communication, the ability to sift the most important things and not to go into unnecessary detail. It will also create the initial impression of whether you would bring value to the organisation.

You may want to talk about your personal life, but do not do it. Whether you have children, what your family is, and whether you're having a bank loan to pay back are topics for another conversation and not with these people.
Again, the question is not about you. The question is about them and what they would get by hiring you.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

That is a challenging question. Because a person is multifaceted and it is difficult to fit into three words. And because you would wonder what personality type the interviewer is looking for.

Think about the position you are applying for. Hardly "artistic" is the first thing the interviewer imagines, looking for a clerk or an accountant.

It is good to think about this in advance and choose the answer that best suits you. Whether you are a person who can be relied on, or you are very precise, or you are good at handling stress or you are a great leader - it is important to be ready to answer.

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