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A strong resume goes beyond just attractive design or eloquent wording. While resume builders and AI applications can help enhance its visual appeal and polish the language, it's the right and relevant content that truly captures the attention of HR professionals. 

And it is even more impressive to have 

the right content on your personal resume website!

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HR experts will be undoubtedly drawn both to the right substance of your resume 

and website form that STANDS OUT

Given that hiring software tools rank resumes and recruiters typically spend only about 7 seconds reviewing a resume before deciding on an interview, it's crucial to get the content right

ExcluCV provides not just an innovative design but also expertly crafted content 

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that highlights and emphasizes your unique strengths


Compelling content skillfully curated by expert writers to highlight your achievements, skills, and experience. Coupled with custom website design, to ensure your online presence stands out, effectively communicating your unique value proposition to potential employers or audience.

 RESUME , motivational letter, LinkedIn profile
Professionally written content that emphasizes your strengths, accomplishments, and expertise. Compelling resumes, motivational letters, and LinkedIn profiles that effectively highlight your unique value and ensure your professional image stands out and captures the attention of employers.

  • I want to personally give a 5-Star review for an outstanding work by ExcluCV. My resume was presented back to me in a timely manner, detailed, and the Spirit of Excellence was upon it. I highly recommend this company!
    Andrea H.
    My gratitude for the exceptional work the ExcluCV team has done in writing the content and developing my resume website. Your expertise, dedication and clear communication have truly exceeded my expectations. The design and layout of the site you have created leaves a lasting impression showcasing my professional achievements and skills, perfectly capturing and highlighting my qualifications. This has significantly improved my job search, enabling me to quickly secure an excellent position. Your ability to understand my requirements and translate them into a compelling online presence is truly commendable.
    Svetlana B.
    The resume is the very first impression a company gets about you so you better make it worth reading. I have always struggled with keeping up to certain standards without actually knowing whether I was on the right track. That was until my encounter with ExcluCV. Now I am convinced that my resume is not only competitive but also stands out from the rest. Thanks to ExcluCV I got the job I wanted for so long.
    Katrin K.
  • WOW! It’s beautiful and really shines with what I have accomplished!
    Thank you so much!
    Heather D.
    Convinced that standard resumes do not show the real skills and achieved results, I wanted a resume that was more than a simple list of employers and job descriptions. I was greatly impressed by Annie from ExcluCV. She supported me and offered different concepts. Being extremely good with figures and having a sound psychological approach she oulined my strongest achievements. And the results came quickly - within a month I nailed a great job in a big company in a new career field. I am really grateful to ExcluCV and I do recommend them to all who are brave enough to change their life!
    Polly T.
    The resume is the important start of a successful future. My resume was written in a very competent way by ExcluCV.
    It was really ther most professional resume I have ever seen. Highly recommenging ExcluCV!
    Farida J.

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