Don'ts During Interview

The first few minutes of the interview are decisive for the impression you will make. They are important because then the interviewer decides whether it is worth interviewing you or will ask you a few more formal questions and finish.

Therefore, do not arrive/call late and do not choose inappropriate clothing. Try to build a rapport with the interviewer and make a strong initial presentation as you did rehearsing at home.

If you manage to make a good first impression, do not relax! Stay focused and consider every word or gesture. There are other potential problems that you must avoid.

Do not leave your mobile phone switched on. And by no means allow yourself to answer a call or chat. This will interpreted as a disrespect by the interviewer and lack of seriousness about the job you are applying for.

Do not chew gum or try to talk with candy in your mouth. Do not relax or stretch on the chair. Do not cross your arms in front of your chest, do not cover your lips with your hand, do not play with objects, do not change the position of your body often. This would be a normal behaviour for a person who is not telling the truth. Also, do not touch your nose often with your hands, do not touch your hair, do not straighten your clothes and do not bite or lick your lips. When a person lies, the level of stress increases and affects physical behaviour.

Do not be passive and indecisive. However, do not rush to answer. Do not speak indefinitely.

Do not go into details on topics that have nothing to do with the interview, the position or the question.

Think twice before you say that you are actually interested in something else, but you are here because you need a job in the meantime.

Do not frown or overdo being serious. Do not presume you are buddies and do not get emotional. Extremes are not helpful, especially if you do not know the environment and the interviewer. The risk is to leave the impression that you are a superficial person who is eloquent, but who is not trustworthy. 

Do not fix your eyes on the interviewer, however, do not avoid their eyes either. Don't look at just one person when answering a question in front of a group of interviewers. Do not address interviewers by first name and do not confuse their names. Always treat them with respect, even if the questions you are asked are provocative.

Don't interrupt their questions - wait for the interviewers to speak before answering. Don't take the floor whenever you get a chance. Do not correct the interviewers and do not demonstrate superiority. Unless you plan to buy the company...
Do not use negative evaluations for your previous or current employers. Don't make excuses for issues related to previous experiences. Do not show inability to accept criticism or negative evaluation.

Don't go overboard with personal information. This is why it is called ‘personal’. It has nothing to do with your professional development and your job. Be wise and analyse the questions. Diplomatically deflect tactless questions.

Do not invent for yourself or exaggerate skills or achievements. If the interviewer is a good specialist, they will soon realise it. And that will certainly ruin your chances of getting a job.

Do not raise the issue of salary at the beginning of the interview or even during the first interview.

You don't have to look desperate in order to find a job. Remember that working in a company is a bilateral contract - your employer and you should feel equally good within the agreed relationship. No appointment is at any cost. You will have other options.

Be sure to thank the interviewers at the end of the meeting and wish them success in finding the most suitable candidate for the position.

How to behave during an interview and answer appropriately in order to win without hurting causing damages for yourself is a skill that requires years of experience. Or consultation with professionals. We at ExcluCV will be happy to be a part of your success! Impress employers! Don't let yourself be chosen. You choose!