What to Avoid in a Resume

There are elements you should omit from your resume either because they are irrelevant or because they do not enhance your presentation.

Avoid including a photo unless explicitly required. In many countries, a photo is considered discriminatory, and your application may be disregarded entirely if one is included on your resume.

Do not waste space by providing your mailing address unless it is culturally expected—few employers send letters, and your location is your personal business.

Review your email address carefully—addresses like sweetbunny@gmail.com or batmanboy@hotmail.com may contradict the professional image you aim to convey. Ensure your email address is clear, readable, and professional-sounding.

Forego career development summaries and goal statements unless your resume must pass through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Few employers read them. Remove the list of references unless requested in the job ad. Indicate that references are available upon request. Besides, employers know they can request them during the selection process.

Omit your date of birth, as it may lead to exclusion from consideration.

Avoid disclosing salary levels from previous positions - this information is confidential and should not be publicized.

Limit the listing of schools/universities to those that grant the highest degrees or are relevant to the job you are applying for. Do not include subjects studied. Employers are interested in your ability to apply your knowledge, not the specifics of your coursework. Long lists of courses taken while working are unnecessary unless from prestigious institutions like Harvard - they do not enhance your expertise and may imply a lack of more pertinent information.

Do not waste time providing marital status. Personal interests, such as a love for reading, can be discussed during the interview, but be prepared to elaborate on specifics.

Ensure all information in your resume is truthful. Discrepancies discovered during an interview can quickly undermine your efforts.

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