What to Avoid in a Resume

There are elements that you should not include in your resume either because they are not relevant, or because they will not help your presentation.

Do not post a photo unless explicitly required. In many countries, a photo is considered a discriminatory element and they will not consider your application at all if there is a photo on the resume.

Don't waste space entering your mailing address unless culturally accepted - no one will send you letters, and where you live is your business.

Have a look again at your e-mail address - sweetbunny@gmail.com or batmanboy@hotmail.com would sound contradictory to the professional image you would be trying to present. Your e-mail address must be clear, readable and sounding serious.

Forget about summaries of your career development and defining your goal - no one will read them. Remove the list of references. Employers know that they can always ask for them during the selection process.

You do not need to include your date of birth. It can only exclude you from the list of candidates.

Do not fill in the salary levels received so far. This is confidential information and should not be made public.

Do not list all schools/universities you have attended. Leave only those, which provide the highest degrees or are related to the job you are applying for. And, don't include the subjects you've studied. Your employer is not an education institution that needs to equate course subjects. For them, training is just a tool. They will not be interested in the details of the subjects you studied, but whether you have learned to apply what you are supposed to have learned. In this regard, forget the long lists of courses taken while working, unless you studied at Harvard. They do not add value to your expertise and give the impression that you have nothing more important to say.

Don't waste time filling out a marital status. Also, it is hardly important for anyone that you like to read books. You can tell about your hobbies and interests in the interview. Also, if you say you enjoy reading, be prepared to describe exactly what.

Finally, all the information in your resume must be true. During an interview, they will easily find discrepancies, if any. This will be the fastest way for you to ruin all your efforts.

Creating a good CV or resume is a challenge. To be sure of its quality, entrust it to professionals.