Behind the Interview Questions Part 4

What would you do if you win 8 million?

The question relates to your motivation – what money means to you and whether you would continue to work and develop in what you claim is important to you.

Think twice before you attempt to say that you would purchase that yacht you liked so much and you would travel around the globe. Or, that you would finally get the Ferrari of your dreams. 

The person who interviews you would like to hear whether you would continue to work because you truly are enthusiastic about what you are saying and also whether you are well mature and responsible to take reasonable financial decisions. 

If you had 20 000 USD to start your own business, what business would that be?
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The question has a couple of aspects. First, it aims at showing what your interests and goals are, how creative you are and how you are finding your way within a business environment. In addition, your answer would demonstrate your responsibility and maturity with regard to financial resources. 

The question would also reveal whether you are observant and would notice the amount, since with 20K EUR you cannot start any business. 

Who is the wisest person you know and why you think he/she is wise?

The answer will reveal your values and the wisdom gained so far. Whether this would be a parent, relative or a teacher, you would need to explain why this person is wise and in what way he/she has influenced your life. 

Again, be concise and accurate when you speak. Outline the most important aspects and stay away from many details. 

If you were 80 years of age now what would you say to your grandkids?

The question addresses your current wisdom level and your values about what the most important thing in life is. 

Try to think about what is of value that you would like one day to pass on to others. What is important in your life? What are the takeaways you’ve gained till now? What did you learn from all successes and failures so far? 

The values of a person directly influence his/her way of work and the relationships with his/her colleagues. 

What animal would you compare yourself to?

You are not expected to say “a lion” because he is considered to be the king of all animals. 

The real question os how quickly you could come up with a smart reply to an unexpected question. And the answer reveals your creativity and communication skills. 

How much is 2 at grade of 32?

Similarly to the previous one, this question aims at showing whether you could think out of the box. 

It is not important whether you would figure out the correct answer. The main thing is what route you would choose to track the answer.

Have you got questions for me?

It would be better not to ask about the things that really interest you – the payment, the benefits, how many days of paid vacation and work from home. 

Show your interest in the company, however, without asking about things that are already available on the company website. You could ask about the organisational culture, about the short-term goals of the company, even why the person who is holding the interview has chosen to work for this company and what he/she likes most about it. For sure it would be good to ask what the next steps in the recruitment process are. And why not going a step beyond by asking about a feedback on your performance at the interview?!
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